Filly (1982 – 2018)  -- 36 years

Good old “Filly” has left us today, with nothing but the fondest memories.
Racing fast and jumping high, never wanting to slow down,
Filly was the Energizer Bunny of the horse world,
always going, going, going with the longest-lasting energy.

When young, Filly was sometimes a little naughty, not wanting to be brought in from the pasture, and running great circles around whoever hoped to halter her. Some tears were shed by young girls back in those days.

When Filly went blind 13 years ago we retired her to our pasture and small barn in Grant.  As a blind horse she enjoyed being caught because she knew she could get going a little faster with someone doing the steering for her. She loved to be ridden, even late into her thirties. Good old Filly.  A few more tears were shed today.