Indee Anna  (1994-2013)
Indee was a schooling horse for many years.
She helped a lot of riders work through their fears.
And I suppose she gave a few youngsters some tears.
Because Indee was a sensible horse,
She took no guff.
Indee would usually ride straight and stay the course,
But Indee knew her stuff --
If a rider was timid or lax
Indee would show she was no saint.
She would take it to the max.
She would show no restraint.
She would cut her corners and slow to the walk,
And if all a rider did was wimp out or squawk,
Indee would choose between buck or balk.
Those who knew her the best,
Knew she was as sweet and kind as the rest.
She loved her loved ones 'til the end.
She was a true friend.
But she was the kind of horse
That had her own force.
When she showed her stuff,
The going was rough -- and you had to be tough.
So here’s my favorite photo of this great creature.
Indee, the rough-rider’s teacher –

Indee rearing at State Fair


In this photo, Indee gives Lynne Menturweck a rodeo moment at the Minnesota State Fair. She went on to win a ribbon in the barrel race event.

Lynne has fond memories which are shared in this slide show.

Payton Hertel shares her memories in this story, with more photos.

Here is a story from Ruby Filhart about her learning experiences with good old Indee.