Keeper, Clown of the Herd

Photo by Amanda Plucker

Keeper had to be euthanized Saturday, Nov. 28, about 3:30pm, due to an unknown and sudden illness. The cause of his illness will be explored by the University of Minnesota pathology lab. Keeper was a 14-year-old Quarterhorse-Arabian, uncle to Wonder Girl. His registered name was Broadway Gold Impress.

And impress he did. Keeper came to Windy Ridge Ranch in 1998 as a 3-year-old and grew to become one of the favorites of Windy Ridge riders -- and his many horse friends. The herd will miss his playful spirit and his pick-up games of chase around the feedlot. Those who were lucky enough to ride him will miss his friendship, fun rides and genuine nuzzles.

May he have a grand time in greener pastures.


Photos & Memories of Keeper and some of the many who loved him


Lauren LeTourneau and Keeper
keeper lauren

Katie and Keeper
Katie Keeper

  Ursula Beck and Keeper
ursula keeper
Ursula's Memories

Kelly Whitaker and Keeper
kelly W Keeper
Kelly's Memories



Jenni Degree and Keeperjenni keeper
Photo by Angela Schroeder
Jenni's Memories

Keeper loved to play!
keeper play
Photo by Angela Schroeder

More Keeper Memories & Photos

Keeper Remembered
by Mark Ward

I will always think of Keeper as the horse who arrived at the ranch with a simple but important provision.

If he is suitable for our program we’ll keep him, otherwise he can be sent back – for any reason – it would be our decision.

This clause was added to the purchase agreement because Keeper, whose original name was “Rowdy,” was known in his youth to be obstreperous and way too fast. 

Which for a good schooling horse sounds most preposterous and so perhaps he just couldn’t last.

But within a month his behavior clearly showed we could hold great expectation.

That this horse could make life as a schooling horse at the Windy Ridge Ranch his long-lasting station.

For he seemed right away to be honest and friendly, athletic and trainable.

He could be useful for beginners and advanced riders both, a trait almost unattainable!

So we kept him. And the new name became obvious. He was certainly a Keeper.

And he became that horse that we fell in love with, and then fell in love with deeper.

He has been giving top-notch lessons and fun rides for his lessees for eleven years.

Which isn’t enough time, which adds to our tears.

But thinking positively, I would have to say.

Keeper really earned his hay.

And I will always remember him as that rowdy horse who we decided was definitely a keeper.

And who we fell in love with, deeper and deeper.