Stormy (1987-2013)

Stormy was a wonderful equine athlete. He was a great-grandson of the famous racing thoroughbred, Secretariat. He was born and raised at the Windy Ridge Ranch. He spent his entire life as a schooling horse here. As a youngster he showed great prowess and he matured into a wonderful, sensible mount, able in many disciplines, english and western. He was always in great demand for lessons and for leasing. In his younger years he was a superb jumper and game horse. As an older horse he became expert at schooling young riders. He was always an eager participant in all the Ranch activities. No horse more enjoyed "getting going" than Stormy. Even when he was quite old, Stormy loved galloping on long trail rides.

Just recently, Cushing disease became a serious problem for Stormy. He finally became untreatably sore and had to be euthanized.

Many will miss him. Anne Hazelroth taught him to jump big jumps. Mary Headrick taught him to race barrels. John Hansen taught him to be a bold trail horse and he and Kathy Hansen have loved trail riding him for 17 years! Many have adopted him as their favorite horse.

But no one will miss him more than I. He was one of my first foals at the Windy Ridge Ranch. He always showed great spirit, right up 'til the end. He has been a masterful teacher. He and I have lived together through a lot.

It was time for him to go. But his gift to all of us, his energy and good behavior -- is a timeless legacy.

Goodbye Stormy.