Here is a letter (edited) from one of my previous (and soon to be current again) students. You will find the contents interesting, especially if you have been wondering why you always have to wear a helmet at the WRR.


Hi, mark this is Jamie D. I was wondering if there are any openings for lessons.


Guess what! I had my first fall on my horse. What happened was I was riding in the ditch along the side of the road in front of my house. When my horse started galloping at full speed I could feel the power build up in his hind quarters. I thought it was a dream, I didn't know it was real. Than I remember yelling "dad, dad" on the ground. When we got to the emergency room they said that my left pinky was broken, and all my right hand fingers except my thumb were sprained. My back looked and felt like a bears paw just scratched down it from my shoulder to my lower back. They said that if I wasn't wearing my helmet I might have been dead right now, because I landed on the road. That was two weeks ago today. I heel really fast, my back is almost healed except for one deep scratch, and my fingers are all healed except for my broken one.


I get my cast off in four weeks. We might sell my horse because he is a spooky horse.


I was wondering if you have any horses for sale or if you find a nice horse that youíre not going to buy that you could e-mail me please and tell me about them and how much they are. Do you have the name of any place where that you recommend finding a horse?



††† Jamie

P.S. please E-mail me



I replied to Jamie telling her that I was glad she wore her helmet, since many of my students quit wearing theirs when Iím not around to insist. She replied:


Well it was you who taught me to keep my helmet on, no matter what, and I thank you for that if you didn't teach me to keep my helmet on I might be dead right now. You should have seen my helmet it is cracked all the way through to the inside of it. And you should have seen the scratches on my back they were deep red, the tips and knuckles of my fingers were swollen to the size of cherries and were bluish-black. But Iím fine now.


Thank you for putting my letter in your website.