Leasing a horse at the Windy Ridge Ranch horsie

Our share-a-horse leasing program is available to our current lesson students only. It provides serious riders an affordable way to enjoy virtually all the riding time they desire.  We usually have about 43 horses in our leasing program.  The majority are well-trained schooling horses.  We sometimes have a few well-bred, green-broke or younger horses appropriate for advanced students.

The monthly rate of a half lease (based on a year-long contract)  is less than the current rate of pasture board in our immediate vicinity. (For leasing prices, see our Price List).  A lease includes boarding - feed, bedding and associated expenses of housing the horse. In addition, we provide total farrier and veterinary care as well as tack and grooming supplies. Consequently, there is a significant savings to leasing a horse over owning a horse. A few well-bred horses we have purchased recently have cost between $4,500 to $8,000.

WRR group lessons are offered at a discount of approximately 50% for full lessees and 40% for half lessees.  Here is a more complete breakdown of the cost comparison of  Leasing vs. Owning and the difference between Full vs. Half-leasing at WRR.

Our lessees appreciate the connection they can develop with their leased horse without the responsibilities and worries that come with horse ownership.  Leasing also provides easy access to participation in the many programs WRR has developed for its riders over the past 22 years:  Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club, Drill Team, JETs, fun shows, State Fair, 4H, three to four WSCA shows per year, trail riding, horse camping and WRR groups lessons.

Below are some materials pertaining to our WRR Share-A-Horse Leasing program:

    Available Leases Horses currently available and those becoming available soon.

    Leasing vs. Owning The  cost advantages of leasing vs. owning a horse.

    Half leasing vs. Full leasing  The advantages and disadvantages of both.

    Current Price List Shows the current graduated payment scale for monthly lease payments.  Once you sign a    contract the payment schedule does not change for the contract year.  We periodically increase our prices to be competitive with local boarding facilities and to cover any increases in costs or inflation.  Renewing lessees monthly payment is not graduated. Renewing lessees pay the monthly average instead of a graduated amount.

    Leasing Policies Some basics about leasing, including how to request your name be added to our leasing waiting list.

    Letter to New and Renewing Lessees What you need to do to renew or initiate your lease.

    Horse Usage Agreement & Stable Rules   A list of important guidelines that WRR lessees (and practice
    riders) need to know.

    Half-sharing Lease Planner A worksheet for 2 riders to use to figure out how to share a horse.

    Current Leases   A list of current WRR lessees, their horses and renewal dates.