Justin's Acupuncture

In November of 2012, Justin received his first acupuncture treatment from Raeyna Longtin, DVM.

Dr. Longtin visits the ranch weekly while her daughter attends lessons -- and she noticed that Justin was usually very sensitive and often evinced pain when being saddled. And Justin certainly has a history of a sensitive and sometimes a sore back.

She offered to use acupuncture to treat his most sensative areas. I was skeptical, but agreed to a test -- with Justin as the subject.

She inserted several tiny needles through the skin and into his muscles and then connected the needles to a mild electric pulse. As his muscles were stimulated by the pulse, they tightened and relaxed rhythmically.

Meanwhile Justin enjoyed eating some grain.

Immediately following the procedure Justin's back was much more comfortable. This improved level of relaxation and comfort lasted for a few days.

Quinn, who rides Justin regularly, noticed it right away the next day. He said the improvement in Justin's attitude and behavior was really obvious. He wasn't crabby with saddling and felt relaxed at the beginning of the ride (when he is often a little tense).

According to Dr. Longtin, repeated treatments will bring longer-lasting relief.

Prior to witnessing the treatment and the results, I would not have believed that acupuncture could work so well. Now, having seen it, I am a seriously thrilled with the benefits of acupuncture for back-sore horses.