It Takes Talent!

When Lynne Menturweck rides barrels at the Minnesota Fair, she usually wins a ribbon. In 2009, she was once more in the ribbons, this time she and Indee took the seventh place ribbon. They competed against 30 fast barrel horses and riders in the Camas Prairie Stump Race. Some might have said in the past that Lynne and Indee have won more by just being the most consistent at getting around the barrels, rather than by being the absolute fastest horse and rider pair. But even if that were true, let us not discredit the talent it takes to be consistent. Take a look at Lynne's ride this year. Check out the photos below and you'll see that a good deal of skill (and a tight girth strap) was needed to keep her horse on course!


Here's Lynne taking Indee around a barrel, looking pretty smooth and well-balanced!




Lynne between barrels, smiling because she's riding Indee, the dream horse!




But with a take-off like this, you have to have some talent to keep going!


This photo has not been doctored! The first whistle blew and Indee just threw herself up in the air. Lynne calmly rode it out and took off on the second whistle, as if it were planned . Her opponent was so awestruck! She must have been thinking -- "How can I compete with that!"

Photos courtesy of Sharp Shooter Photography.