It was a great weekend for our 8 horses and riders at the summer Otter Creek 3-day horse trial. In Starter, Caitlin Leach and Aleka Lazenberry ended up in first place in their respective divisions! In Beginner Novice, Samantha LeTourneau took 4th! Grace Steinhagen had a fabulous dressage ride on greenie Meeko, and got him through a scary stadium round, but the people out on the big cross field were too much for his brain. He will return. In their first Novice, Olivia Caspers had a beautiful dressage ride and much improved cross country and stadium rounds! Kelly O'Rourke Grilz also had a much improved show in her first Novice. Mark and Juniper did their first Training round, easily making their way through some challenging cross country questions. They ended 11th. Katie got Izzy over all the jumps with no stops! They ended 6th in Novice. A huge thank you to Jan Janet H Fisk for long days coaching us!