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Another way to move water

When "Windy Lake" might overflow its banks, here's a solution (video by Maddy T.).



Longeing Clinics at the WRR, 02/18 and 2/27/2018

WRR students learned a lot at our longeing clinics. Thanks to Janna Kysilko for giving great instruction.

Janna brought a model pelvis to demonstrate how to develop proper hip action. (Photo by Amanda Plucker)

Watch a brief video clip of Molly P. riding Meeko in her longe-line lesson. (Video by Amanda Plucker)

Here are some useful images from the USPC guide to longeing.


New X-Country jumps are heading to the WRR.

We are getting 11 new jumps.

These study obstacles have all been purchased from the Roebke's Run X-Country course. It is unfortunate that Roebke's Run will no longer be held.


Fresh hay wouldn't fit down the chimney, so Santa Claus delivers hay to the WRR herd with his tractor.

Drone footage courtesy of Benton Ward.



"Filly" 1982-2018 -- 36 years

Good old “Filly” has left us today, with nothing but the fondest memories.

Mark remembers Fillly


"Light The Night" Ride

In celebration of Winter and Christmas time, 35 riders rode along a luminaria lit trail at the Windy Ridge Ranch. We sang Christmas carols and ate cookies and treats afterwards. It was a beautiful ride and a fun evening for everyone.



Molly Prytz removes shoe

All a part of the learning experience at the Windy Ridge Ranch...

Here's a quick video of Meeko getting prepared for a barefoot winter.


allisonk Recent Artwork

Here's a carefully crafted horse head by Allison Kazmierczak (current WRR student).

Halloween Fun Show Oct 29th 2017

Our horses were in costume and everyone enjoyed exciting Halloween riding events.



Barn Dance at WRR Sept 23rd 2017

Square dancing, games, potluck dinner, silent auction, tack swap, horse vaulting.




Sept 15-17 2017 Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial

Six riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

Training Level: Katie on Wonder Girl, Novice Level: Mark on Meeko, Molly on Ruby, Louisa on Raja, Aleka on Dr. Watson, Beginner Novice: Stella on Kestrel.

Directions and more info about the show venue.


Molly Prytz -- First place!

Aleka Lazzenberry -- Third place.

Stella Ryan -- Fifth place.

Mark Ward -- 8th place.

Louisa -- in fouth place right up until stadium jumping included an unintentional dismount.


Cross Country Magazine Article

The September 2017 issue of Cross Country published an article on Mark Ward.

Juniper looks pretty sharp! (See if you can find the one little mistake in the article.)



Drill Team at 2017 MN State Fair

The team performed in the main coliseum during the fair's Equestrian Showcase event held on Tuesday Aug 29th.

Here are videos of our performance.

Team Members

2017 Drill Pattern

DT 2017 pattern animated for iphone display

2018 Practice Dates



August 11-13 2017 Otter Creek Horse Trial
Eight riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

Horses and riders: Training Level: Mark on Juniper, Katie on Wonder Girl (placed 2nd), Sam on Cody (placed 6th). Novice Level: Molly on Ruby (placed 6th), Louisa on Raja (placed 5th), Aleka on Dr. Watson (placed 10th). Beginner Novice: Grace on Meeko, Stella on Kestrel (Placed 4th).


Fun Show at WRR on Sunday, July 23rd

The 2017 Dick Kachel Fun Show included lots of fun events and some fast runs in poles and barrels! And the JETs gave a drill performance, showing complete preparedness for the upcoming County Fair showing.


Washington County Fair

The Drill Team and JETs performed on Aug. 3rd, 7pm. We followed a rain storm with two great rides. The Drill Team is ready to demonstrate their skills at the State Fair on Aug 29th. The JETs finished their year with a terrific performance.

Thanks to everyone who made our audience so much fun to ride for!

Videos of the rides.


Detour to Windy Ridge Ranch during Construction Starts July 17, 2017

Manning Avenue going south is closed from I-94 to the ranch (duration unknown). To get to the ranch, take the Woodbury Drive (Co Rd 19) Exit and head south to Lake Rd. Take Lake east to Manning. Then go north on Manning about 1 mile to the WRR. Leaving the ranch, you can can drive north on Manning to I-94.

See Map


Roebke's Run -- Saturday July 8, 2017

Eight horses and riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in this one-day horse trial at Magister Equitum Stables (Schweiss Farm in Hector, MN).

Mark Ward (Juniper), Katie Clapp (Wonder Girl), Stella Ryan (Kestrel), Maddy McCollor (Izzy), Samantha LeTourneau (Cody), Molly Prytz (Ruby), Grace Steinhagen (Meeko), and Louisa Ward (Raja)

Scores were combined from dressage, cross-country jumping and stadium jumping.


Mark Ward -- First Place in Training Division (See photo of one of Mark's XC jumps)

Molly Prytz -- First Place in Beginner Novice

Louisa Ward -- Second Place in Beginner Novice

Stella Ryan -- Second Place in Starter

Samantha LeTourneau -- Third Place in Training

Photo of the Wards. Eventing is a family affair.


Tally -- 1996-2017

One of the most exciting horses ever to race around at the Windy Ridge Ranch.

Tally was incredibly sweet, always ready for a fast ride, and almost never unsound for any reason.

In the spring of 2017 Tally was finally taken down by irritable bowel disease, an auto-immune disorder that was managed for one year with dexamethasone treatment.

Not many riders got to ride Tally because she always wanted to go so fast. But those who got to ride her certainly enjoyed it. And they all enjoyed her energizer -bunny unlimited energy.

Brendan Hollenbeck leased her and loved her for the last eleven years of her life. Tally and Brendan were a fantastic combination. Both of them maintained exquisite composure while going scary fast. Together they shared a bond admirable by all standards.



Moonlight Clover -- arrived (6/16/2017)

Clover is a Irish Sport horse filly (yearling Irish draft X thoroughbred) with great promise to become an eventer. She is a special training project for Mark and he plans to have her so well ground-trained by the time she's big enough enough to be ridden that she'll be totally calm and an able mount for the first ride. We'll have to wait a few years to see that!




-- arrived (6/16/2017)

An 11 yr old Fresian/thoroughbred cross gelding, Valor is nicley behaved and already well-trained. He'll be featured as a schooling horse soon. Right now he's getting exposed to lessons at the WRR and the other horses. Meanwhile, he's a babysitter for Clover in the small pen they share. What a a sweetheart!

Both Valor and Clover came from Blackshire Equestrian Centre in Randolph., MN.


See Clover and Valor touching noses.



New foal expected in 2018!

Sage is pregnant! We bred her to an Irish Draft, Beeston Laird, standing at Blackshire Equestrian Centre. Due date mid-May. Fingers crossed!


Sugarfoot 1989-2017

Sugarfoot was euthanized (6/22) when her aging arthritis made lessons impossible and even walking around in the paddock uncomfortable. In her 24 years as a schooling horse at the Windy Ridge she taught a great number of students to ride. She was especially good at teaching riders to not crowd other horses. Sugar reacted to crowding with a quick and well-aimed kick towards each and every offending horse. More important, she'll always be remembered for being a fun horse to ride and being, in her old age, a very dependable mount for young riders.


June 9-10 was our Schooling Show at WRR, including a 1-Day Horse Trial.

54 WRR riders competed in Dressage, Cross Country, Stadium Jumping, and English, Western and Bareback Equitation.

Janna Kysilko provided a Ride-A-Test clinic Friday. Stadium Jumping & Cross-country happened Friday afternoon.

Show Bill

combined test

June 4 - Combined Test show at Carriage House in Hugo

Mark, Katie, Louisa, Aleka, Molly, Grace, and Stella competed in Dressage and Stadium Jumping at the Combined Test at Carriage House Farm in Hugo. We all had clear jumping rounds and combined with dressage scores, Molly and Louisa earned 3rd and 4th places in Novice; Grace got 7th in Novice; Stella got 7th in her first show in Beginner Novice; and Katie got 2nd in Training level.



3-Ring Circus Schooling Show, Sunday May 28th

13 riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage and Jumping

Lots of ribbons and first places!

Horses: Juniper, Wonder Girl, Meeko, Raja, Dr. Watson, Pippi, Cody, Izzy, Smokey, Gammon, Rosemare, Kestrel, Bingo(!)



May 19-21 2017 Otter Creek Eventing Show, 4 riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

Horses: Juniper, Wonder Girl, Meeko, Raja, Dr. Watson

Riders: Mark, Katie, Louisa, Aleka

Mark placed 2nd (on Juniper) and Katie placed 3rd (on Wonder Girl) in Training division.

Mark took 3rd (on Meeko) and Aleka took 5th (on Dr. Watson) in Beginner Novice.

Amanda Plucker took awesome photos. Here are some of them.

Louisa was in 2nd place after dressage and stadium jumping, but Raja slipped in the mud during x-country and didn't complete the course. See the photo where Louisa stays on (amazing!) while the horse sits down in a slide right into the table jump.



Minnesota Horse Council's Horseperson of the Year!

Mark Ward was named the 2016 Minneosta Horse Person of the Year.

Mark was honored with award presentations in the Coliseum all three days at the MN Horse Expo.



Trail rides for 2017

Trail rides are for our lesson students only.

Crow-Hassan map


Granite is a movie star!

A Documentary to be shown in April on public TV will feature a scene with our horse, Granite, being ridden by the main character, Dakota Chief Little Crow.

When to view and more details



Finding fun in the paddock

Talbot Ward ran out of snow for his sled. Manure mountain served as a unique alternative.

Watch the video.


New member of the WRR herd: Bongo!

Bongo! is a 3 year old Percheron/Quarter-Horse cross. His personality is as cute as his face is big.

(Shown here with Grace Steinhagen.)

Bongo's first trot under a rider. (Following three weeks of ground training.)

When the water approaches the barn door, it's time to pump it elsewhere.

Click the image for video.

Believe it or not, Remy ran right through the high-power spray of filthy water. Didn't catch that on video, darn!

Don't Underestimate Bingo!

The little guy has a BIG jump!

Photo taken Nov 5, 2016 by Mikayla Kammueller

Rider: Addi Mommsen

(Click the thumbnail image to the left to see full size image.)



October 30 -- WRRHC Halloween Fun Show !! (10:30 am)

Register to participate or just plan to come and watch our costume and other fun riding events.

Details and show bill.

Goblin Ribbon race course


At the Fall 2016 Otter Creek Eventing Show, 8 riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.


Dynamite, 1986-Sept. 13, 2016.

Dyna was a terrific schooling horse for 23 years at the Windy Ridge Ranch. We still have her 1994 foal, Gammon, who remained dedicated to Dyna to the end.


Lilly, our 12-year-old quarter horse mare, was euthanized September 3, 2016, due to severe complications from allergies to just about everything in her environment, including grass, various tree pollens and dust. She was a talented, beautiful, and sweet mare, adored by those who got to ride her, previous lessees Tessa, Samantha M, Lynne and Dani, and her longest and most recent lessee, Marney.


At the August 2016 Otter Creek Eventing Show, 9 riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

We all had some fantastic rides and the WRR took lots of ribbons!

More Details, including placings.



Drill Team and JETs performed at the Washington County Fair on Thursday Aug 4th, 7pm.

Both teams put on precision pattern rides (to music) at our local County Fair in Lake Elmo.

Links to last year's performances: JETs- Drill Team


Fun Show at WRR on Sunday July 17th (8:30am)

The show was a great success with 40 competitors. Lots of fast runs in poles and barrels! And the JETs gave a great drill performance.



Friday-Saturday, June 10-11, we held a 2-day Eventing Trial at WRR

WRR riders competed in our own backyard at Dressage, Cross Country, and Stadium Jumping.

Janna Kysilko provided a dressage clinic and judge tests on Friday. Cross-country on Friday. Stadium Jumping on Saturday.

Spring 2016 Otter Creek May 19-22

Six of our horses and riders competed, garnering a few ribbons, confidence and valuable lessons!


2015 dt thumb

2016 Drill Team Pattern (rough drawings)


Trail rides for 2016

Trail rides are for our lesson students only

Crow-Hassan map



Barn Improvements!!!

As of April 23, our barn construction is almost complete. In the next couple of weeks we'll get concrete poured, new LED lights in the arena, electric overhead doors, and a counter in the office. Our indoor riding ring and equipment barn are now insulated with new steel siding, roofs and doors. Our office is revamped with a new window, doors, cabinets and a counter. It's all beautiful!



Share the Love! Day at WRR

On Sunday Feb 14 friends & family members of WRR riders came to the WRR and enjoyed a 30 min "mini-lesson."

Tugg - Unbranded in Oakdale, MN on Tuesday, March 15,  6:30PM

Windy Ridge Riders Movie Date

On March 15 we held our own showing of the movie "Unbranded" at the Marcus Theater in Oakdale. We filled the theatre!

Tickets were available through Tugg promotions, which worked quite well. -- See Tugg.

The plight of the wild mustang in the western states was documented along with a beautifully filmed and adventurous ride from Mexico to Canada.

2015 dt thumb

Drill Team 2015 Pattern

Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club Drill Team riders --- review the pattern before each practice.

Working DT pattern, updated 6/24/2015

See a 3 minute video, displaying the 110 pages of pattern drawings.


JETs Team 2015 Pattern

Here's a beautiful drawing of our new pattern for 2015



JETs for 2017

Our team will be performing Dressage Quadrilles this year!

New Jets Website -- see this new resource created by coach Maddy Mccollar

JETs western riding pattern for 2017

Team members

JETs Handbook


2015 Halloween Fun Show, Oct. 25

At left, junior beginner rider, Addie R, displays Winnie as Winnie the Pooh. Seventeen other creative costumes entertained us, as did music by Emmerson and fun rides throughout the day.


Pal -- A great schooling horse, 1993-2015

At age 22, Pal was suffering chronic, painful lameness and was euthanized on 10/26/2015.

In remembrance of Pal.


Sport-- A friend to all other horses and a really fun mount: 1989-2015

After 26 years of exciting play and serious work, Sport succumbed to old age, hastened by Cushing disease. He will be remembered for his friendly disposition towards herd members and his affectionate nature with all the people who had the good fortune to know him.


Zip -- The Superlative Horse 1983-2015

On Oct 5, Zippity Do-Dah, our 32 year old appendix quarter-hose was euthanized, following aged-induced partial paralysis of the hind quarters. Good old Zip was a star of the riding lessons all these years. A multiple Minnesota state champion in speed events in his youth and a terrific junior beginner horse in his last few years. Zippity had a great personality and made everyone who knew him smile -- especially when singing his song.

Helen Krone remembers Zip.





2015 MN State Fair

The Sunday, Sept 30 DT and JETs rides were cancelled at the State Fair due to the Fair overbooking the horse barn and not having enough stalls available for our teams.

Sunday, Sept 30 -- Drill Team and JETs did perform at the WRR at 11:00am. The performances were a fine demonstration of precision and speed and, of course, the food and beverages afterwards were spectacular. A huge crowd of friends, family, and neighbors cheered us on! Hundreds of Photos and Videos are posted on the Windy Ridge Ranch facebook page.

State Fair competition:

Many WRR riders competed in hunt seat, english and western horsemanship, tandem bareback, etc.

WRR riders swept the ribbons!

See details for all our rides and ribbons.



Barn dance -- Saturday, Aug 22, 2015

The 2015 annual WRRHC barn dance was a great success, with: dancing, silent auction, horse vaulting, wine tasting, and more.

Thanks to St. Croix Vineyards for a great wine tasting experience and to Erin Roberge and Olivia Caspers for organizing a silent auction that netted over $1000!


Candy -- 1983-2015

Candy has been a favorite horse at the Windy Ridge for 31 years. We lost a great horse when a large abdominal tumor finally took over her otherwise good health. Candy spent her youth in all manner of competitions, and won several state championships in speed events. In her older years she provided the best lessons to youngsters that anyone could ask of a schooling horse. Always willing to canter for even the greenest rider, Candy was energetic, yet calm and obedient. Candy will be well remembered as the horse that took kids through pole weaving at a speedy canter -- even when those riders were almost totally unaware how to steer! Go Candy!



Penny -- 1987-2015

Penny taught young riders at the Windy Ridge Ranch for 25 out of her 28 years in life, a fine schooling horse until old age overtook her. She was a completely trust-worthy mount.

Some thoughts on Penny.




Otter Creek Summer Horse Trial August 7-9

Mark, Katie, Olivia, Aleka, Kelly, Sam, Caitlin, and Grace showed at Otter Creek on Juniper, Izzy, Super Girl, Raja, Kestrel, Cody, Jefe, and Meeko.





Thursday, July 30th, 2015

The Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team and the JETs (Junior Equestrian Team) each put on a fine performance at the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo.


See the videos: JETs & Drill Team (thanks to Carol McCarty).

Watch a Pro-cam rider's view (thanks to Cathy Perrone)


3- Ring Circus on Sunday, August 2, 2015

12 WRR riders will tested their skills and learned new ones at the Carriage House 3-ring Circus schooling show. Dressage, Hunter classes, and Jumping. We took several first places in dressage and had many clear runs in the jumping classes.

See Details on our Calendar.


Century Ride

Jerry Kleffman and Photon were featured competitors at the June Sundance Dressage show.

Read all about it.



combined test

Carriage House Combined Test May 31

Mark, Katie, Olivia and Sam had a great show on Juniper, Izzy (Training Level), Super Girl and Cody (Beginner Novice).

Mark's jumping round on video.


Bingo -- teaching jumping

Emma Klotzbach has found out that Bingo can teach youthful riders how to jump.

Watch a video. (70MB to download.)



Justin -- 31 years old: 1984-2015

His full name was "Justin Heaven." And now he is. Our wonderful Justin, the Appendix Quarter Horse that gave pleasure to so many in his numerous years as a schooling horse at the Windy Ridge, was quietly euthanized while resting in a grassy pasture, May 18. Justin was trained to sit. He was a great jumper. He did barrels, trails, mountain slopes, was a great swimmer, and above all, he was trustworthy -- yet exciting! Although Justin could jog pretty well, he never had a smooth trot in his entire life. On the other hand, his canter was the best ever. Smooth as silk! Anyone who ever rode him will agree, he was awesome and loveable. He came running to his name with a gleeful whinny when called in for mealtime, even on his last evening. We'll miss that whinny.


otter wonder

Otter Creek Spring Horse Trial May 15-18

Mark, Katie, Olivia and Kelly showed at Otter Creek on Juniper, Izzy, Super Girl and Kestrel.

Mark placed 2nd and Katie 5th in Open Novice divisions.

Photos of Mark & Katie.



Trail Ride Sign-Up for WRR Riding Students

Here are details about signing up for this year's trail rides.

(Available only for WRR students.)



Summer of 2014 Water Crossing

When Bingo reaches the crossing, the water seems to deepen. (See video)


Nov. 30, 2014. Lulu - 3 yr. Thoroughbred mare races off the track to the Windy Ridge Ranch

Our new horse, Lulu, promises to become a fine schooling horse. Dressage and jumping are in her future. In her past were five races on the track, all proving that she had no interest in that game. In the riding arena she is very green, but handles things calmly for a 3-yr old.

Here's a photo of Lulu on her first trail ride in the big pasture at WRR.


Katia Taracido swings up on 16.1 hand tall Gammon.


Slow motion video


Training Clinic at Windy Ridge Ranch , 11/17/2014

Over 30 riders attended a fine presentation by Rick Schmitt of Smart Start Stable in Somerset, WI. Rick introduced us to effective ground training. His method of holding the horse's attention and shaping their behavior in a positive way fascinated all who attended. Suzette Sontag and Kari Schmitt (also from Smart Start) added their dressage riding perspective to the clinic. Riders and horses included: Mallory with Kewenaw, Mark with Juniper and Lily, Katie with Izzy, and Grace with Wilbur. As you can see from the steam rising off Izzy, the horses got a workout!


Lily Schertler conquers "Mount Photon!"

Another lesson at the Windy Ridge Ranch on how to mount up on a very big horse.

See the video: horse-climbing


Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge, Oct 18-19, 2014

A competition at the Kentucky Horse Park for Mark & Katie! Dressage and Stadium Jumping on Saturday, Cross-country Jumping on Sunday.

Katie placed fourth in her division! (Mark was gunning for eighth, but took the wrong jump on his very last obstacle.)


Video highlights of Mark's ride on Juniper.

The venue.


m on j

Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial -- Friday, 9/19 to Sunday, 9/21/2014

Video of Hannah's stadium jumping.

Mark's stadium round.

Katie's stadium round.



Barn Dance at WRR 2014

We had a great turn-out!

Good food at our annual pot luck party with line-dancing, bucking barrel riding, horse vaulting, and a fine selection of silent auction items.

(Click image for video)


2014 State Fair Shows for WRR

The Drill Team and The JETs put on great performances at the State Fair

Seven of our riders & horses competed at the MN State Fair Aug. 28-30.

Watch a video of the 2remy014 DT performance on YouTube.

Watch a video of the 2014 JETs performance on YouTube.



Combined Training Show at Carriage House Farms, June 1 2014

Congrats to WRR riders and horses!

Hannah took 5th

Olivia got 4th

Mark was also in 4th

Katie got a 2nd and a 4th place.


Otter Creek Horse Trial -- 5/16-5/18 2014

Kelly O. got a first place in her division.

Four WRR riders competed in the 3-day event at Otter Creek Farm:
Mark Ward on Juniper, Katie Clapp on Izzy, Aleka Lazenberry on Raja, and Kelly O'Rourke (Grilz) on Kestrel.

Watch a video of Katie's Cross-Country ride (on YouTube)



Dumb Horseback Riding Manuevers

Take a quick look at this YouTube video to see what not to do with your horse.



WRRHC Marcia Ward Memorial Schooling Show - A great success on the sunny day of May 11th 2014

Our judge Molly Rydeen once again helped riders learn more about how to best show themselves and their horses. Rider demonstrated their skills in equitation, pas de deux, drill maneuvers, tandem bareback and jumping.

Pictured to the left is the winning team for the Quadrille event (click to enlarge). (Katie N. on Photon, Molly P. on Ruby, Lexi S. on Traveler, and Mark W. on Prince)

Thanks to everyone who participated and to the moms who devoted a big part of Mother's Days to the show. Judge Molly Rydeen appreciated the great sportsmanship displayed at all times and the overtly friendly atmosphere.

To view a gallery of photos from the show, you can ask to become Jasmin Carevelli's facebook friend and see her hundreds of photos on her facebook page.


Remember When ....

The DragonFly TV educational science program featured riders from the WRR?

Ting Middlefort-Vognar and Mallory Heinz performed a science experiment.


And when -- the SciGirls pbs program featured horses and riders from the WRR?

The herd dramatically runs into the pasture in this story about a science experiment at WRR. See Morgan, Madeline, Zoe, and Amanda.

(Two videos: to see them in the video section of the Sci Girls web site, Click on Animals, select Meet the Sci Girls and a Band of Horses and, after watching that, then select Horsin Around.)


dt thumb

The 2014 Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team is preparing for another great year of riding performances and fine food consumption.

2014 Drill Team Pattern

Treat Schedule


There's more than one way to get on top of things at the Windy Ridge Ranch

Lily Schertler shows us how it's done.

The mountain-climbing mount-up.


Christmas Caroling (Dec 16, 2013)

We filled the Heritage Park neighborhood with songs of holiday cheer

Over 40 horses and riders participated.

Photo collage by Lexi Simonson



Two New Schooling Horses at the Windy Ridge

Wilbur and Kewee

Wilbur is an 11 yr. old Appendix Quarter horse with exceptional gaits. He has already joined in some of the classes.

Kewee is a 3 yr. old Quarter horse mare with a very calm disposition. She will join classes soon -- after her training has progressed more. Her name derives from the Keweenaw Peninsula, because she was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan.



Sage's Knee Surgery

November 4th 2013

Arthroscopic surgery was performed on Sage's knee. Images of the interior of the joint and the bone chips which were removed are shown here.

2013 halloween

2013 WRRHC Halloween Fun Show

Sunday, October 27 --10:00am.

More than 24 horses were dressed up for our costume event.

Here's a video of the ribbon race.keewee

Show Bill and registration form for WRR and WRRHC riders.


m on j

Otter Creek Eventing Trial -- 9/20-22 2013

An exciting competition! Dressage on Friday, Cross-country Jumping on Saturday, Stadium Jumping on Sunday.

Four WRR riders competed in the 3-day event at Otter Creek Farm.

Mark Ward (on Juniper), Katie Clapp (on Wonder Girl), Aleka Lazenberry (on Raja), and Kelly O'Rourke (on Kestrel)

Kelly took home a first place ribbon! Katie earned eighth place ribbons, Mark placed ninth and Aleka took tenth. Our horses were wonderful!

Directions to the event.




One of our good old favorites became disabled from age-related deterioation of the spinal cord and was euthanized on 9/6/2013.

Click here for a page about Phoenix.



Minnesota State Fair--2013

Click here to see a video of our Drill Team performance.

Click here for a complete list of events.

*Paint Barrels-3rd: Brendan/Tally
*Western Horsemanship-6th: Ariel/Sundance; 8th: Anna/Spirt.
*Pony Western Horsemanship-3rd: Hannah/Bingo.
*Pony Western Pleasure: 3rd: Hannah/Bingo
*Tandem-4th: Ariel/Zoe/Sundance; 5th: Anna/Erin/Spirit
*Hunter Under Saddle-2nd: Erin/Rosemare; 4th: Sam/Lilly; 6th: Ariel/Sundance; 7th: Maddy/Gammon; 8th: Sam/Cody.
*Drill Team: 3rd
*Jumping Figure 8:
In 8th place: Brendan/Tally.
*JETs: Demonstration was a great success, riders were fast and precise in their fun-to-watch drill pattern.


Photo by Amanda Plucker

Look who won first place in English Pleasure!

Click photo or here for enlarged view

Ariel Kramer rode Sundance to victory at the 6/22/2013 Sunnyside WSCA show at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Congratulations!


Drill Team


Drill Team Pattern

Click here to see the most recent version of the 2013 Drill Pattern

A recent practice - on video.



3-Ring Circus !

13 horses and riders from the WRR enjoyed a great show at Carriage House Farm on May 26, 2013.

Click on Remy's photo (left) to see how high he can jump! (Even without needing to.)

Our entire group of riders enjoyed great success, including lots of ribbons: Chloe H., Brendan H., and Katie C. took home blue ribbons, Hannah A. and Kelly O. had red, and others will be reported soon. Dressage scores were excellent for Hannah A., Aleka L., Kelly O. and Katie C.

More photos on Facebook: Grace's Hannah's

2013 WRR Trail Rides !

Here are details about signing up for this year's trail rides.

(Available only for WRR riding students.)



Remembering Indee Anna (1994-2013)

Poem in memory

Indee suffered painful degenerative hoof problems following a long-term erosion of the coffin bone.

Lynne M. has fond memories which are shared in this slide show.

Payton H. shares her memories in this story, with more photos.



So Long -- Stormy (1987-2013)

A great horse.

Cushing disease overtook this wonderful horse.


Daring Horsemanship!

Here's a great video showing acrobatic riders.

(Thanks to Janis H. for bringing this You Tube clip to our attention.)

And here's another amazing video, showing a jockey making the most dramatic recovery from a near fall on a steeple-chase.

(Thanks to Carol M. for catching this one.)


Horse-Human Homology

Here's a great image from the pony club that will help you remember important parts of the horse.

Valentines Fun Show -- Feb 10, 2013

Our show on Sunday was certainly successful. The Parade of Hearts included some great costumes. The Trot Race, Heart Relay Race, the ever popular Rope Race, and Ride-a-Buck -- all were entertaining to participate in and to watch.

Here are two photos.

More photos to follow soon.


Birdie arrives

Birdie is the new Newfoundland at the Windy Ridge Ranch. She has an outstanding pedigree and will impress everyone with her sense of fun and hunger. Birdie is growing at an astonishing rate! Compare her size now, when you see her, with a look at an early Birdie.

Video: Here's a quick look at Birdie on her first walk at 9 weeks of age.


Justin Receives Acupuncture

Dr. Longtin has given Justin acupuncture treatment for his sensitive back. And it works!

Photos and story.


2012 WRRHC Halloween Fun Show

Over 20 riders dressed up their horses for our costume event.

Photo Gallery By Chloe & Julie (91 photos)


Meet Raja

A new horse at the Windy Ridge!

Raja, a 11-year-old Arabian gelding, will be shared by Louisa and Aleka. He came from a boarding facility in Chaska and was owned by a family for 7 years. Two sisters shared him since they were 7- and 9-years old and now the oldest is off to college. Raja has done a lot of trail riding, swimming in lakes, jumping little cross country elements, and has had some lessons. Aleka will be training him for dressage and jumping and Louisa will enjoy having a horse to focus on. He arrived at the WRR Sept. 5 and will be kept in a pen next to the main paddock while he gets familiar with his new home and herd-mates.

dt helen

Windy Ridge at the Minnesota State Fair

We enjoyed a fine Labor Day weekend, starting the evening of Aug. 31 with 7 riders in Western Pleasure. The Drill Team performed Saturday night, Sept. 1 and the JETs rode Monday, Sept. 3 at 12:30. Riders also competed in Paint Barrels, Western Horsemanship and English Hunter Under Saddle.

Everyone did a great job showing in the coliseum. We had placings in Western Pleasure out of a class of 13 (5th for Ariel & Sundance and 6th for Grace & Cocoa), the tandem teams of Ariel & Zoe on Sundance and Elisabet & Tessa on Prince placed 4th and 5th, and in the enormous class of 20 riders in English Hunter Under Saddle, Sam & Cody took 6th and Ariel and Sundance came in 8th! Brendan & Tally had a beautiful Paint Barrels round, coming within 6/10ths of a second of first place. The Drill Team had a great ride, even with last minute rider and horse changes (thank you Bonnie, Allison and Cathy for adapting), and the JETs' terrific ride capped off the weekend. Congratulations, JETs!

Thank you to our dedicated riders (especially Zoe with her broken foot), volunteers, parents and friends for making the weekend a success!



Otter Creek Farm Summer Horse Trial, Aug 10-12, 2012

Mark Ward, Jenny Finch, and Hannah Atkins competed on Super Girl, Jefe and Wonder Girl.

An Eventing Trial includes dressage, cross country and stadium jumping

Here are a collection of Jennifer's photos on Facebook

Here is a photo gallery of Mark's 2011 trial.


Recent News & Events

3-Ring Circus at the Carriage House Farm in Hugo -- Sunday, Aug 5, 2012

Five WRR horses competed at this great jumping and dressage schooling show. Lots of ribbons were taken home.

Chloe and Ruby were Champions in their division in the hunter classes.


Drill Team and Jets performances at the County Fair

Thursday, 8/2/2012 at 7:00pm

Drill Team Video

Helmet Cam Video

Drill Team and JETs patterns

Fun Show -- Sunday July 22, 10:00 am

The Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club had a very successful Dick Kachel Memorial Fun Show. Details

Photos are on Facebook pages of WRRHC members.

Schooling Show - May 13th

Thank you to judge Molly Rydeen, who once again helped riders learn more about how to best show themselves and their horses. Riders did a great job demonstrating their skills in equitation, drill maneuvers, tandem bareback and jumping.

Our State Fair team for tandem this year will be Elisabet and Tessa on Prince.

Wild River Trail Ride -- May 6 - 7, 2012

Nine horses and ten riders traveled to Wild River for an overnight camping trip. Horses: Stormy, Bob, Cocoa, Kestrel, Ruby, Jefe, Sundance, Spirit & Izzy.
Riders: Kathy & John H., Treacy K., Alexandra M., Cathy P., Peg P. Sara R., Terry, S., Paul S., & Mark W. While the forecast was for showers and thunderstorms, it turned out to be beautiful! We enjoyed long canters down wonderful trails.




See WRR trail dates (Trail rides for Windy Ridge students only).


3-Ring Circus at the Carriage House Farm in Hugo

In August 2011, Brendan Hollenbeck, Kelly O'Rourke, Jennifer Finch, Jerry Kleffman, Peg Powers and Shaina Botka, Mark and Katie enjoyed a great show, jumping & dressage!

Videos posted by Kristin Bordanea

Dressage photos -- Angela Schroeder's gallery





See WRR trail dates (Trail rides for Windy Ridge students only).


News & Events

Halloween Fun Show

Join the fun on Oct. 30 at 10am. The show starts with a colorful costume event. Come and watch!

See the Show Bill for details.


Windy Ridge Ranch

-- featured in Woodbury Magazine


Otter Creek Farm Fall Horse Trial, Sept. 23-25, 2011

Mark, Katie, and Jenny F. competed on Jet, Wonder Girl and Jefe.

Photos of Katie in Cross Country Jumping (4mb .pdf slideshow)

Jennifer Finch in Stadium Jumping and Mark & Katie jumping the "Table"

See Photos of Mark at the last 3-day trial (3 mb .pdf slide show)   


The Sept 17th Barn Dance had more than 70 attendees.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped put it together. The potluck offerings were scrumptious, the silent auction bountiful, our square dance caller very entertaining, and the bucking barrel, apple bobbing, and horse vaulting were terrific.



WRR 2011 State Fair Performances


Western Pleasure, 17 & Under: 2nd: Sam M & Ruby; 3rd: Ariel K & Sundance; 4th: Jenny J & Razzberry; 5th: Kristen L & Sage; 6th Clare H & Flash; 7th: Erin R & Penny; 8th: Olivia C & Remy.

Western Horsemanship (23 competitors): 1st: Amanda Plucker !! & Traveler; 2nd: Olivia & Remy; 4th Clare & Flash; 6th: Erin & Penny; 7th: Sam & Ruby. Here's a photo!

Hunter Under Saddle: 2nd: Jennifer Finch, 3rd: Chloe Heifner, 4th: Samantha Mehta, 5th: Olivia Caspers, 6th: Ariel Kramer

Camas Prairie Stump Race (Barrels): 2nd: Mark Ward, 8th: Lynne Menturweck

Click here to find out all the details of our great weekend at the Minnesota State Fair

Drill Team had an awesome performance. We placed third. Here's a video.

JETs put on a great show. Here's a video.

Amanda Plucker has a great set of State Fair Photos.



WRR 2011 Jumping Camp

Our jumping camp was a greast success. The 11 participants also got to go horse swimming. See Videos.


WRRHC overnighter at the ranch.

40 riding club members enjoyed riding, a dinner and a bonfire on 8-15-2011.

Here's a horse swimming video from one of the rides.





Otter Creek Farm Summer Horse Trial, Aug 12-14

Mark and Jenny Finch competed in this show.

Mark placed 4th (in Training Level) and Jennifer 3rd (in Starter Level).

An Eventing Trial includes:

Cross Country
Stadium Jumping

Here are a collection of Jennifer's photos on Facebook

Here are photos of Mark jumping JETover two of JET's biggest-ever jumps and a photogallery of Mark's entire trial.
(Click each photo in the gallery to advance to the next.)



3-Ring Circus at the Carriage House Farm in Hugo


On Sun day, Aug 7, Brendan Hollenbeck, Kelly O'Rourke, Jennifer Finch, Jerry Kleffman, Peg Powers and Shaina Botka, Mark and Katie enjoyed a great show, jumping & dressage!

Videos posted by Kristin Bordanea

Dressage photos -- Angela Schroeder's gallery.

Directions (google map)


The Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team and the JETs (Junior Equestrian Team) performed at the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo.

Bill Tolbert posted high resolution videos:
Drill Team

Carol McCarty has also posted two videos:
Drill Team




Wonder and Jet Get Ribbons June 4 and 5.

St. Croix Dressage Show June 4.

Katie and Wonder scored nearly 68 on their first First Level Test 1 and took home a blue ribbon.

Combined Test at Carriage House June 5.

Katie and Mark competed on Wonder Girl and Jet in dressage and jumping at Training Level (3'3"). Mark and Jet took home the third place ribbon. Picture of Mark and Jet to come!


mark jumps jet

Otter Creek Farm Spring Horse Trial, May 20-22.

Mark placed third in his Novice division, riding Jet in a 3-day event.

See Photos (3 mb .pdf slide show)       (Same photos in larger format -9 mb)

An Eventing Trial includes:
Cross Country
Stadium Jumping


Schooling Show -- Sunday, May 15th

The annual Marcia Ward Memorial Schooling Show had a great turnout on a beautiful day and was a big success. See Photos by Amanda Plucker.


dt thumb

Drill Team Pattern for 2011

The manuevers for this year's Washington County and MN State Fair perfomances are drawn out in this .pdf file (2.84 MB) .

More numbers will be added later, so check back here in a few days for the latest version.


Trail Rides for WRR lesson students (only)

The sign-up for trail rides begins Sunday, April 3rd. Sign up for one each time on April 3, April 17 and May 1 and as many as you wish starting May 15.

See Details

lucy liz

Contact and Connection Clinic

On March 6th and March 27th the Education Committee of the Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club sponsored a clinic by Alison Sader Larson on becoming a better rider through understanding contact and connection. Alison (of Sleipner Stabels) is a dressage instructor and trainer. Mark, Katie and a few other WRR riders have taken lessons with her. On March 6th, Alison had demo riders and handouts showing what different types of contact look like – from beginners to advanced; from western to hunter to dressage. She talked about the progression of horse and rider to true contact and connection. Pictured at left is one of the demo riders, eventing trainer and rider Liz Lund, on her well-connected horse, Lucy. On March 27th Alison gave 9 club-subsidized private lessons to club members. Everyone learned a great deal!


Vet Clinic

Sunday, March 20, The Education Committee of the Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club sponsored another a clinic concerning horse health care.

From the clinic: Three videos show lameness checks and bandaging.

Equine Health Evaluation and Lameness Checks. How do you determine a horse's basic health? Learn to take the horse's pulse, respiration, gum refill rate. How do you know if your horse is lame, and if so, what foot or leg is sore? Dr. Genevieve from Stillwater Equine filled us in!


Valentine Fun Show Feb 13

The Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club enjoyed their warmest ever winter fun show.

Here are 800 photos posted by Amanda Plucker.

And 900 photos posted by Joe Macc.

Here's a photo of Newton ready for rope-race take-off!



Our Winter Carnival Parade Units Had a Great Time

The Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club was awarded the Vulcan Crowd Pleaser Award

12 horses and riders performed drill maneuvers in both the Grande Day and Torchlight Parades.  The weather was comparatively balmy and the crowds were appreciative.

See Photos of Penny in the parade.


x-mas caroling

Christmas Caroling Horseback Ride, Dec 19th

Our Woodbury neighbors were thrilled to see a long line of 45 horses parading through the neighborhood on our annual Christmas Caroling ride.
Joanne Thibault took a quick video of the line of horses.
Karen Graves has a photo gallery of our festive riders preparing to bring Christmas cheer to the neighborhood.
Here's a map of our Route.


How the Horses Fared During the 12/11/10 Winter Storm

Lots of people have stories after yesterday's storm. We thought we'd share what it took to take care of the horses yesterday. Read about Mark & Katie's day.


Horse Skeleton Game

A good test of your horse anatomy knowledge. Good Luck! (And try to beat Mark's time.)

Other anatomy quizes: main parts    skeleton   



Cow Sorting!

For extra fun, several horses and riders from the Windy Ridge took cow sorting lessons.

(Summer 2010)


Dinosaurs at the Windy Ridge Ranch!

For Halloween 2010 the Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club held a fun show with over 60 riders participating.  The highlight of the day was the costume event, in which top honors went to a pair of dinosaurs, a bingo board, and an Indian princess.

Some very professional photographers were present.  Joe Macc has provided this gallery of photos. Kathleen Smith captured everyone in the costume event with these images --in a 13MB .pdf slide show (for which the WRR has high resolution copies if needed by anyone).

Also, check out photos in facebook albums by Amanda Plucker and Kristen Bordanea. Amanda has 600+ photos of the show in 6 albums.

And don't miss the photo of our own club president, Helen Krone, finding Zip's neck a secure landing place after a jump.

Finally, a quick video of the costume event is on you-tube.



175 Windy Ridge Riders, Friends & Family watched the movie Secretariat!

Tuesday, Oct 26 , 2010

The Windy Ridge Riders held their own showing of the movie at the Woodbury Theatre. All WRRHC members and WRR lesson students -- and their families --were invited to join in.  Cost: Club Members Free, Non-members $4.00.

It was a great opportunity to watch such a fun movie with a group of horse enthusiasts.

Christina Zurick, a WRR rider who knows a lot about thoroughbred racing, gave us a great introduction to the movie.

And remember, our own Racer and Stormy are great-grand children of the most famous thoroughbred race horse, Secretariat!


costume top

Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club Halloween Fun Show

Sunday, Oct. 31, at 10:00am at the Windy Ridge Ranch

Show Bill

Come watch the show, especially the first event, horses in costume!


WEG 2010

Mark and Katie traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park to watch the world's finest equestrians compete in the World Equestrian Games.  In Eventing, we rooted for our favorite, Becky Holder, who was third going into the jumping phase, but had to withdraw due to a lameness with her horse Comet. German rider Michael Jung placed first.  A video of his stadium jumping is on You-Tube.   And the USEF website has a series of videos showing WEG eventing. A video of Becky Holder's cross-country ride is here.

katie otter creekl

2010 Otter Creek Fall Horse Trials Sept. 24, 25 and 26.
Mark Ward (on Jet) and Katie Clapp (on Wonder Girl) competed in the Novice level (jumps at 2'11"). A horse trial consists of three phases: Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

We each got a fourth place (in different divisions -- we didn't compete against each other!)

Click here for a wonderful photo album from the cross-country rides -- thanks to Angie Schroeder!

Watch a video of Katie Stadium Jumping last spring.

wrrhc horseshoe - thumb

Congratulations to all the State Fair Riders! Here are the 2010 results!

See the You Tube video of the Drill Team ride

Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team - 2nd

Western Pleasure - 17 & under

  • Clare Hazelroth & Flash - 2nd

Paint Pole Bending

  • Mark Ward & Flash - 3rd

Open Division Western Horsemanship

  • Clare Hazelroth & Flash - 3rd
  • Morgan Pliszka & Spirit - 4th
  • Bridget Carey & Jefe - 6th

Open Division Hunter Under Saddle

  • Jennifer Finch & Ranger - 3rd
  • Kristin Leko & Sage - 5th

Tandem Bareback

  • Amanda Plucker & Sam Cook on Traveler - 4th (See Video)
  • Ellie Voss & Nicole Rucker on Nanibou - 6th

Camas Prairie

  • Erin Richardson on Cody - 2nd
  • Ellie Voss on Nanibou - 3rd
  • Bridget Carey on Jefe - 6th

Here is a list of all the Events WRR was in.


kenya-girl Two new warmbloods-- Girl and Kenya
tessa swims

Senior's Ride --2010


Bingo -- our new pony!

Click the thumbnail image. Bingo!  -- a photo of our recent addition to the Windy Ridge Ranch schooling string.  Bingo has a sweet, inquisitive, gregarious personality that will win him lots of attention at the WRR. Bingo is a mixed breed pony gelding, 3 1/2 yrs. old. He is in basic training for riding and driving and shows excellent tractability.

Drill Team and JETs Performed at the

Washington County Fair on Thursday, Aug 5.

Photos & videos soon.



Drill Team

Our 2010 Drill Team Pattern won 2nd place at the State Fair.

Click the image to open a .pdf file showing the pattern details.

parade of hearts

Valentines Fun Show

Over 40 contestants made it a fun day at the WRR. Our "show in the snow" went well.

Here's a photo gallery. (Thanks to Karen Graves for some of the photos).

Here's a quick video review of the Rope Race, Ski-joring, the Parade of Hearts, and Bobaloosa carrying three riders. (Updated, 2/18/2010)


The Windy Ridge Riders performed in the Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade, Saturday, Jan. 30th.

Check out these official Winter Carnival parade photos.


Justin is still going strong at age 26!



Becky Holder Clinic at Carriage House Farms attended by Mark & Katie Jan. 2 & 3.


Tessa Andrews Receives a $500 Grant from the MN Horse Council for Her Girl Scout Gold Award Project

The Washington County Fair Board agreed to match the grant. Tessa will work with volunteers to install a new wash station at the Washington County fairgrounds the spring of 2010. Let Tessa know if you'd like to help!


MN Horse Council Scholarship Winner
(Jan 2010) Ellie Voss received a second Minnesota Horse Council (MHC) scholarship for $3,000 to continue her college pre-vet program. She will receive the scholarship at the MHC Annual Meeting on Jan. 16th. Ellie credits her daily work with Nanibou (after Nanibou broke her leg) for her inspiration to become a veterinarian.

Watch a video of her 2009 award presentation.

2007_x-mas All 48 horses went Christmas caroling through Stonemill Farms. See a video.

Rebecca Bond created a herd of horse cookies for Christmas.

keeper face
Photo by Sarita Patel

Keeper, Clown of the Herd

Keeper was euthanized Saturday, Nov. 28, after to a sudden illness. Keeper was a 14-year-old Quarterhorse-Arabian, uncle to Wonder Girl. His registered name was Broadway Gold Impress. Read more...

The University of Minnesota pathology lab identified liver disease as the cause of death. The lesions on his liver were severe and rarely seen. One possible cause could have been long-term chronic ingestion of, and a unique sensitivity to, pyrrolizidine alkaloid (PA) toxins from plants, but the list of suspect plants are mostly unseen in Minnesota (and do not occur in the WRR pasture). The pathologist said we'll never really know why Keeper's liver became diseased and there is nothing that could have been done to treat it.




New horses at the Windy Ridge Ranch

Izzy and Remy are our two new horses.

Izzy is a 5 yr. old thoroughbred mare (dapple grey) and Remy is a 5 yr. old Kentucky Mountain Horse gelding (chestnut). After additional training, they will become WRR schooling horses.

Larger photo.



The Windy Ridge Riders Horse Club 2009 Halloween Fun Show
was a huge success, with 65 participants. 23 competed in the costume event.

Here's a photo gallery of the costumed riders.

(Thanks to Kathleen Smith for the very professional photos.)




It takes Talent!

Read about Lynne Mentureck's 2009 State Fair ride.

dt 2009 sf

Drill Team wins 2nd place at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair! And gets 1st in the Stable Appointment Awards. See a video.

See the full list of awards for the events WRRers were in.



Washington County Fair, July 30th

The Drill Team and JETs performed at the Washington County Fair Thursday, July 30th.

See the video of the Drill Team performance!

Eleanor Fun Show

WRRHC Dick Kachel Memorial Fun Show, July 19

See Bob Krone's Photo Gallery

See Joe Macc's Photo Gallery


The herd enjoys their first outing into the big pasture last May, 2009

When the Sci-Girls crew filmed a show at the Windy Ridge Ranch, TPT videographer Michael Phillips caught this video of the entire herd running out into the pasture.

See the video. (At left Rosemare leaps over a gully. Watch for this moment in the video -- near the end.)

pal razz


Forestville Camping Trip, May 2009
See the photo gallery.



Frost-free hydrants need special handling.

Read the details.



Older News & Events

Click here to see a history of more Windy Ridge Activities