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Practice Riding Prices

Practice Riding Test

Trail Riding Rules

Horse & Stable Use Agreement

Winter Holiday Practice Riding Packages



*Currently-enrolled (and some previous) WRR lesson students.

*Students who can identify, lead in and properly and safely tack the assigned horse unassisted and who can demonstrate independent control of the horse with a balanced seat at the trot and canter.

*Students who are comfortable and skilled enough to ride a variety of WRR horses.

*Students who have passed the riding and written portions of the WRR Practice Riding Test and who have read and signed the Horse & Stable Use Agreement.


*Practice Riders will have read, understood and signed the Horse Use and Stable Agreement.

*Email your request at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not receive an OK, do not come out to ride.  

*Before making a request, check the roster for horse availability and total use for the day. If a horse is assigned to 2 classes, it is not available for a PR. Avoid PRs during lesson times when the weather or footing restricts lessons to the indoor ring. No PRs on Saturdays (unless no lessons are scheduled).

*You can request a particular horse but it may not end up being available, due to last minute class assignment changes, injuries or use by the lessee or another practice rider. If you notice that someone else did a PR on your requested horse earlier that day, choose another horse you have previously ridden or have received permission to ride. Practice riders should remain flexible.

*Before riding, log into the PR Notebook and leave payment in the brass payment box.

*Practice rides are limited to one hour and riders will be sure to track their time carefully. Practice ride time begins when you get on and ends when you get off.

*When making up a missed lesson, a 1-hour practice ride equals either a 1-hour or 1.5-hour class.

*Begin your practice ride soon after bringing your horse in, grooming and tacking up. Return your horse to the paddock (or pasture) soon after untacking and grooming/cooling out.

*Use a saddle for all or most of your ride.

*If a lessee shows up during your PR and wishes to ride, you can let them know how much time you have left. The lessee can either decide to wait for you to finish or can request their horse, in which case they can bring in and groom another horse for you (one you have previously ridden or had permission ride).

*New practice riders must receive permission to ride off the ranch property for the first time.