Here is a list of Windy Ridge horses and the events they are in at the 2013 innesota State Fair.
The events are Drill Team, Paint Barrels, Western Horemanship, Hunter Under Saddle,
Pony Western Horsemanship, Tandem, Jumping Figure Eight, and JETs.

The show time listed is the start time for that show. The number for the show is the State Fair
event ID and the number following that is the order in which our event will take place during that show.

For example, DT will be the 12th event in the Sat 6pm show. You can approximate the time for any
event by assuming that each class takes about 20 minutes. So, the DT might perform at approximately
10pm. Ofcourse, it might perform at 9:30pm if the show is running fast.


DT (25) Paint B West. H. HUS Pony H. Pony P. Tandem Jump-8 JETs (20)
2601- 12th 2205- 17th 2509-5th 2508- 11th 2504-5th 2501-11th 2603- 10th 2616- 4th 2601-2nd
Sat. 6pm Sat. 6pm Sun. 8am Sun. 6pm Sun. 8am Sun. 8am Sun. 6pm Mon. 8:30am Mon. 12:30pm
1. Bobaloosa               Bobaloosa
2. Captain   Captain Captain         Captain
3. Cocoa   Cocoa           Cocoa
4. Cody   Cody Cody         Cody
5. Gammon   Gammon Gammon         Gammon
6. Granite                
7. Jackpot               Jackpot
8. Jefe     Jefe         Jefe
9. Lilly   Lilly Lilly         Lilly
10. Midnight   Midnight Midnight         Midnight
11. Newton                
12. Pal               Pal
13. Phoenix                
14. Photon                
15. Prince               Prince
16. Razzberry                
17. Remy               Remy
18. Rosemare   Rosemare Rosemare         Rosemare
19. Ruby   Ruby Ruby         Ruby
20. Sage   Sage            
21. Spirit   Spirit Spirit     Spirit   Spirit
22. Sundance Tally Sundance Sundance     Sundance Tally  
23. Tally                
24. Traveler   Traveler Traveler         Traveler
25. Xena                
26               Kestrel
27               Sport
28               Justin
29               Dyna
30       Bingo Bingo