Welcome to the Windy Ridge Ranch
Since 1979

The Windy Ridge Ranch, east of St. Paul, in Woodbury, Minnesota, offers group riding lesson, a leasing program, and other fun riding activities for our students. WRR is home to 40-some well-mannered schooling horses. Learn more about the ranch.

Group Riding Lessons
Focus is on solid equitation skills and horsemanship as well as having fun with horses. We offer regularly-scheduled group lessons for beginners to advanced riders for ages 9 to adult. We also have twice-monthly "Pee Wee" lessons for ages 7-11. Group lessons may include English or Western equitation, jumping, dressage, games, horsemanship, and trail riding (for WRR students only). Feel free to visit one of our lessons. Learn more about group lessons.

Mark Ward started the Windy Ridge Ranch in 1979 and has been having fun teaching riding lessons and horsemanship ever since. It's a family-run operation, with Mark and his wife, Katie, as well as Mark's son and his family, taking care of the horses.


Mark and Juniper


The Ward Family 2011


Mark and Katie at Otter Creek Horse Trial


Mark with Juniper at Roebke's Run Horse Trial



Lessons take place in one of our two outdoor arenas, inside our insulated arena, and on trails through our pastures and nearby fields.


Riding Lesson Session Information

2018 Calendar

1-6 2018

Session 4 goes through July 25.

The fall session, Session 5, begins Aug. 27 for Monday riders and Sept. 4 for others. Register for Session 5 by Aug. 13.

See the 2018 Calendar

Learn more about our Lessons and how to register and then come visit a lesson to see what it's all about.




Session 4 Roster

Makeup Spaces for Session 4




News & Events
  • molly

    August 10-12, 2018 Otter Creek Summer Horse Trial

    Come and watch us!! We will be at Otter Creek Farm in Wheeler WI. (An hour from the WRR.)

    Eleven riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch will compete in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

    Just making it to this show is really exciting for all these riders. This is a major regional show and a lot of serious training effort is involved in preparation.

    RIDE TIMES -- Friday is dressage, Saturday is Cross-Country and Sunday is stadium jumping.

    Division Friday Saturday
    Mark STR 8:06 11:12
    Heather SBNR 8:24 3:04
    Bella JBNR 9:12 3:20
    Dani ST-A 11:02 4:15
    Maddy ST-B 11:04 4:41
    Nikki ST-B 12:59 5:01
    Molly JNR 2:28 1:41
    Louisa JTR 4:01 11:24
    Stella SNR-B 4:42 1:01
    Katie SNR-B 4:54 1:05
    Aleka SNR-B 5:24 1:15
    Division Saturday
    Mark STR 11:12
    Louisa JTR 11:24
    Stella SNR-B 1:01
    Katie SNR-B 1:05
    Aleka SNR-B 1:15
    Molly JNR 1:41
    Heather SBNR 3:04
    Bella JBNR 3:20
    Dani ST-A 4:15
    Maddy ST-B 4:41
    Nikki ST-B 5:01



    Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team and JETs
    at the Washington County Fair on Thursday
    August 2nd at 7pm.

    Come and watch our exciting drill performances!

    All your favorite horses are involved in intricate pattern riding to music.

    Washington County Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo.

    7pm sharp!

    Our half-time entertainment will be "Crazy Poles." What's that?? Come and see!!


    wrr schooling


    June 23 - Cross Country Schooling Show

    Third annual Horse Trial at the Windy Ridge Ranch -- RESULTS.

    Dressage "Ride-A-Tests" happened June 16 with judge/trainer Janna Kysilko. We were rained out for cross country that day, and stadium is happening sporadically through the week.

    We are excited to try out our new cross-country jumps for this horse trial!


    X-Country course maps (including photos of each obstacle)



    Wilbur was euthannized in June when his knee arthritis became too crippling.

    He had a fun horse personality and will be missed by many.


    combined test

    May 27, 2018 - Combined Test at Carriage House in Hugo

    Results: Mark and Juniper 2nd in Training, Louisa and Wonder 6th in their first Training. Molly and Meeko had a successful finish for their first Training. Dani, Bella, and Maddy T (on Spirit, Ruby and Raja) finished their first recognized show at Beginner Novice. Dani got 5th. Nikki took Pippi through her first show and had a great jumping round. Katie took Lulu to her first recognized show and finished 2nd in Beginner Novice, with the lowest Adult Rider dressage score of the day.



    12 WRR Horses showed at the St. Croix Saddlery 3-Ring Circus Show, Sunday, May 29

    It was a hot but successful day of dressage and jumping.


    Welcome "Springer!"

    Sage had her foal on May 18, 2018. Katie was at the WRR and helped make sure the foal was safe and sound upon delivery.

    Amanda Plucker has taken a great photo of the foal on his second day.

    Springer needed a little help getting up at first, but as you can see in the video taken on day five, he's ready to run!

    Sage has all the right maternal instincts and it's going to be fun to watch the little colt grow up. And little Springer might end up being pretty big. Springer's sire is a 17.5 hand Irish Draught, Beeston Laird, standing at Blackshire Equestrian Center in Randolph, MN.

    Here's a good close-up of the little guy (thanks to Amanda Plucker).

    Photo of Mark holding Springer (thanks to Dani Miller).


    May 18-20 2018 Otter Creek Spring Horse Trial

    Five riders from the Windy Ridge Ranch competed in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.

    Training Level: Mark on Juniper, Novice Level: Molly on Meeko, Louisa on Wonder Girl, Aleka on Dr. Watson, Beginner Novice: Stella on Kestrel. Results: Mark - 4th. Molly - 5th. Louisa - 7th. Aleka - 8th. Stella - 3rd.

    Congratulations to all these riders. This is a major regional show and a lot of serious training effort preceded these rides.


    Trail Ride Schedule and Sign Up Info

    The first trail ride of the year will be Friday, May 25. See the schedule of summer & fall rides and the sign up info here: Trail Rides 2018. WRR Trail Rides are for our students only. We don't do trail rides for the public

    Bella demonstrates smooth vault-on mount.

    Light as a feather swing-up. How does she do that (you should ask)?!

    See Video.


    JETs for 2018

    Our team will be performing at WRRHC fun shows and at the Washington County Fair again this year!

    Team members

    JETs Handbook

    2018 Practice Dates

    2018 Drill Pattern


    New X-Country Jumps

    We have added 11 new jumps from the Roebke's Run X-Country course.


    Drill Team for 2018

    The team will perform at the 2018 Washington County Fair on August 2nd at 7:00 pm.

    Here are videos of our last performance.

    2018 Practice Dates

    2018 DT Pattern, carefully drawn by Heidi M.


    More News and Events


    See more stories, photos, and videos of Windy Ridge Ranch activities.


    Fractal Movie (Mark at play on his computer)

    Fractal movie -2


    Lesson video link escher-cube Leg yield video leg-yield and counter-canter bending

    10 meter circles in serpentines

    Connecting half halt with corners

    Connecting half halt with leg yielding to larger circle

    Leg yield on loops of serpentine



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