Dear New WRR Student,

Now that we have approved your registration for lessons and you have created an online account with us and requested one or more class spaces, here is some helpful information to prepare you for your first lesson with us.

Class Confirmation

To know whether each online class request has been approved, log in to your My Page account. For each class request, you’ll see if it is still Pending, has been Approved, Denied, or if you are on the Wait List for that date. It can take a few days for us to process your request.


Once Approved, payment is due before or on the day of your lesson, by check, cash (place in our payment box outside our office), or Venmo (@MarkFWard). You can pay for one lesson at a time or pay for a few lessons in advance.


Beginner through advanced riders may arrive for the first lesson 15 minutes early so we can help you find your horse and teach you how to halter, groom and tack. For subsequent weeks, arrive 30-45 minutes beforehand to allow time to groom and tack your horse to be ready to ride at the start of class time.

Junior beginner riders may arrive 10 minutes before or right at class time, since we will have you horse ready for you.

Missed Classes & Refunds

If you need to miss a scheduled lesson, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a credit or refund. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will not receive a credit or refund unless we are able to fill your space.

What To Wear/Bring

Riders should wear long pants and shoes or boots with a small heel. We provide helmets. Dress or bring extra clothing items for the possible weather of the day. We ride outside whenever possible and inside when it’s raining/snowing/extremely windy, or if the outdoor footing isn’t suitable for the horses. In the winter the insulated indoor arena stays about 20 degrees warmer than outside and is cooler on hot summer days.. You can store extra clothing, etc. in cubbies above the bridles or on hooks in our office.


As we have an indoor arena, we don’t cancel due to rain or thunderstorms. We will cancel or reschedule if temperatures are forecast to be near 0 degrees or above 94. If we need to cancel due to an extreme weather event, messages will be posted on the website and an email will be sent at least two hours prior to class, and/or we may call you. We will either reschedule a cancelled class or issue a credit or refund.

Horse Assignments

The day of your lesson, you can view the link for your Scheduled Lesson to see your assigned horse. You might ride a different horse each lesson or stay on the same horse, depending on daily availability and suitability. If you are having problems with your assigned horse, please let Mark know right away.

During Class

The class will start inside and then may continue in one of our two outdoor arenas, our pasture or a trail. Parents/visitors are welcome to watch the class, wait in the heated barn office or return when the class is over. Visitors are not allowed in our paddock. Help with picking up manure in the indoor arena is always appreciated!! The barn aisle often gets busy with other riders and horses preparing for the next class so if you’re watching an indoor lesson, please stay in the concrete area outside the office. Parents who wish to help their rider should come into the arena – please do not hold a horse from the aisle.

Non-Riding Children

Accompanying children under 13 years of age must have adult supervision at all times and should not be left unattended in our office, parking lot, or barn areas. Please keep non-riding children out of the barn aisle and away from horses being led in and/or tied in the aisle. Also, please ask about petting or feeding treats to horses tied up or in stalls.

When to Get On

After you have shown in class that you can get on unassisted and control the horse, you can get on and walk 10 minutes before class time if Mark or Katie are in the barn and says it’s okay.

How to Put Tack and Your Horse Away

Beginner through advanced riders. After class, untack, clean/wipe your girth, bit and saddle, brush out saddle marks on your horse and lead your horse back out into the paddock, removing the halter. Put everything away, including brushes.

Junior Beginner riders. We can take care of your horse at the end of the lesson or riders can learn how to remove the saddle and bridle and lightly brush the horse and lead it back out with supervision by an experienced rider. Junior Beginners need to be done 15 minutes after class as we are not able to supervise beyond that time.

Horse Treats

Carrots, apples, sugar cubes or other horse treats are okay to bring but are not appropriate for all horses. Treats should be kept in the office or cubbies above the bridles and away from the reach of horses (and our dogs!). Rders should ask how to properly feed treats and when it's appropriate to feed a horse a treat. Please don’t give treats to other people’s horses or horses in stalls, to horses in the paddock or at the gate in and out of the paddock.

Learn More About Horses and Riding

We encourage you to ask questions in class and to read as much as possible about horses and equitation.

Keep in Touch

Email Us with any questions or talk to Mark before or after class. We send emails and post messages in our barn office related to recent horse health issues and ranch activities. You can also keep up to date with ranch news by joining The Windy Ridge Ranch private Facebook page. Our main communication is via email.