Horse News & Antics

New Horse -- Zoom!

Zoom came to us directly from the Otter Creek Summer Horse Trial as an 11-year-old. She's a Canadian Warmblood and did her first show with Louisa in the fall of 2019. Zoom and Louisa have big plans for a fun 2020!

Louie aka Purple Rain

Louie is a 17.3 Irish Draft, now 12 years old. After trying him out for a few months, Mark bought him in August of 2019. His skills include all the disciplines of Eventing: Dressage, Cross Country Jumping and Stadium Jumping. Here are some photos of Mark at shows with Louie in 2019.


Meet Paris

Paris, a 21-year-old Quarterhorse mare, came to us in the spring of 2019 from a long-time riding student. Paris is a well-trained pleasure horse. She's been a terrific addition to our program.


Clover on a Frosty Day

Our 3-year-old mare, Clover, is spending the winter at Schmitt Training Center, learning excellent manners and being trained under saddle. She'll be back late February. Amanda Plucker got this great shot of her last winter.



The frisky photo of Springer, born at WRR in May of 2018, is him at 7 months. A year later we decided he's going to turn out to be gray, like his sire, Beeston Laird! Springer turns 2 in May.